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SCRMC 100(2-8 Axis Motion Controller)


The SCRMC100 series brings the benefits of modular, high-performance motion control to a wide range of industrial applications. Communication options—ranging from high-speed fieldbuses to discrete I/O—make these controllers an excellent choice for large and small systems. Transducer types can be combined to control any hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic system. Powerful control modes—including position/pressure control, synchronized moves, gearing, splines, and teach mode—provide optimum control for your motion applications. Refer to other SCRMC data sheets or the RMCWin online help formore information. For More Details Download Data Sheet
SCRMC 70(1-2 Axis Motion Controller)



The SCRMC70 Series motion controllers offer a valuable combination of performance and ease of-use for one- and two-axis systems. Smooth, precise motion boosts throughput, improves quality and extends machine life. A number of feedback options are available, allowing one controller family to be used in a wide variety of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic position and positionpressure/force applications. The SCRMC70 motion controllers support multiple application types making use of acceleration and velocity feed forwards for controlling motors in velocity or torque mode, and separate directional gains for precise hydraulic control. Efficient communication to popular PLCs and HMIs—the SCRMC70 mirrors PLC addressing— makes system integration quick and easy. For more performance, time-critical sequences can be offloaded into the SCRMC70’s flexible User Programs. Command-based programming eliminates tedious coding, speeds development and reduces long-term software maintenance. Advanced graphing capabilities can be used to troubleshoot the entire motion system. For More Details Download Data Sheet
SCRMC 150E/151E (2-8 Axis Motion Controller)

RMC150E Datasheet

The RMC150/151 delivers high-performance motion control to hydraulic, electric servo,and pneumatic industrial applications. With powerful control modes—including dual-loopposition-pressure algorithms—and connectivity to many transducer types, the RMC provides optimum control for a wide range of motion applications. As Delta’s most advanced motion controller, the RMC150/151 CPU module comesstandard with Ethernet, supporting protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, andModbus/TCP, and is designed to integrate easily with your favorite PLCs, PCs and HMIs.Equipped with excellent graphing features and easy-to-use wizards, the RMCTools softwarehandles setup, programming, tuning and diagnostics for both the RMC150 and RMC70series controllers.For More Details Download Data Sheet