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About Us

Servocontrols is the system house of closed loop controls started in the year April 2002 by two young entrepreneurs Mr. Deepak and Dinesh Dhadoti. Mr. Deepak has a rich experience in the global market and technology where he worked for Moog Incorporation in East Aurora, NewYork facility and Mr. Dinesh. Dhadoti who has the know how of local Indian market.


    • 2019
      Setting up Test Rigs for Business Jet Systems simulation and Design of Test algorithms for one of Top Most Aerospace Tier 1 supplier.


    • 2018
      Setup of New Hydraulic/Electronics Systems and Test Rig Test Facility at Udyamabag Facility; Executed 1000HP Hydraulic System(including SKYDROL) along with Onsite Plumbing/ Erection/ Installation/ Commissioning for Premier Aerospace Company.


    • 2017
      Added New ERP Implementation System and Hattaragi Plant operations ramped upto 100 percent capacity; Set up of New Industrial Machine Shop at Udyamabag.


    • 2016
      High pressure test labs have been operational.
      Added high-end studer grinding machines & 5 Axes machining cells have been added.


    • 2015
      The new facility started operational for precision machining of components


    • 2014
      Servocontrols Aerospace (I) Pvt Ltd Belgaum celebrated the success of MARS (Mangalayaana).It is proud moment to every Indian and all Belgaumites as the Position sensors supplied by Servocontrols Aerospace have been used in this mission.
      Building of Modern Manufacturing Facility of arround 60,000 Sqft at Hattaragi.


    • 2013
      Best Entrepreneurial Awards from various Institutes / Chambers of commerce and Industries.


    • 2012
      Custom built Electromechanical Actuator setup for mass production.


    • 2011
      Setting up of Plant V for the Ultra Precision Machine Shop.


    • 2010
      Awarded major Aerospace Test Rig projects from global OEMS and HAL including electronics
      Setting up of plant IV for Turnkey projects


    • 2009
      Setting up of Zeiss Metrology lab from Switzerland
      Sales of 1st Electromechanical Actuator with Closed loop Position/Velocity/Load control
      Establishing AS9100; RevB Certification for Aerospace components and systems
      Bought 12 acres of land to setup Plant III


    • 2008
      Setting up of Fabrication Shop with Tig/Mig/Co2 welding facilities
      Delivery of large Hydraulic Power pack (1000HP) with Electronic Control Panel
      Establishing ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification from TUV-SVD, Germany.


    • 2007
      Setting up of Machine Shop for Manifold blocks in Aluminum/Steel and special Alloys
      Inauguration of Machine Shop by Mr. Chip Emery, CEO MTS Corporation, Minneapolis, USA.


    • 2006
      Execution of 1st Closed loop Electro Hydraulic Actuator / Servo Actuator project and built Electronics Control Panel with Delta Controller & PLC.
      Assembly and Testing unit for Manifold blocks


    • 2005
      State of art Servocontrols Plant I Inauguration at Industrial estate, Udyambag, Belgaum with 20 employees.
      Setting up of Servo lab with clean room facility & anti static Electronics lab for sensors.


    • 2004
      Delivery of 1st Hydraulic 6DOF Stewart/Motion platform


    • 2003
      Establishing markets in Steel/Plastics/Powergen/Test equipments and Automation
      Setting up of MTS Temposonics Repair Centre


    • 2002
      Setting up of Distribution product line
      Setting up of Servo valve Servicing Centre


We make Products / Systems to specs and also made print in Servo Actuators with Servo Valve, Proportional Valve, Solenoid Valves, FCA,TVC Actuators, IGV Actuators, Electromechanical Actuator, Manifold blocks, Hydraulic power packs, Wire harnessing and Structural fabrication / Integration / On site commissioning.