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NACOL introduced Bladder Type Accumulator to Japanese market as the first domestic manufacturer in 1958.

Since then, NACOL has kept commercializing “Top disassembly/assembly type accumulators” (which allow very easy maintenances and shell inside inspections from the top opening), the seamless one piece molded bladder (a bag made of rubber), and the Pleated bladder design. These designs contributed to lengthen bladder life and the accumulator’s high performance.

NACOL has accumulated enormous know-how from its experiences as a technology-oriented industry, through its start-to-finish production. A part of this know-how has been transferred to more than 190 domestic industry property (patents and utility model patents) and more than 80 oversea patents.

Customers’ Safety First is NACOL policy and NACOL is producing Quality Assured products with stable and safe quality. NACOL obtained ISO 9001 certificate, METI Japan, ASME, CE Marking and Chinese approvals, and these represent a part of NACOL’s steadfast Quality Assurance System.

N and A Series Accumulators

General-Purpose type Accumulators. Also suitable for Pulsation Absorption and Shock Dampening.

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J Series Accumulator

N,Y,A & H Series Accumulators

R Series Accumulators

Super Large Size Accumulators (Double Decker Type)

High Flow Type Accumulators (Medium Size)

Most suitable when operating actuators rapidly where high speed oil output is required from the accumulator.

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High Flow Type Accumulators (Large Size)

Super High Flow Type Accumulators

Stainless Accumulators (Small Size)

Most suitable for the system fluid such as water and sea-water.

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Stainless Accumulators (Mediun & Large Sizes)

Simplified Transfer Type Accumulators

A transfer barrier type accumulator can be used as a substiture for a hydraulic pump for transferring fluid.

The transfer barrier type accumulator with backup gas bottle can supply large volume of fluid even when the system pressure difference is very low.

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Standard Transfer Barrier Type Accumulators

Pulsation & Shock Absorption Accumulator Series

Most suitable for pulsation absorption and shock dampening.

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Super Pulse Dampers

Screen Type Accumulators

S Series Accumulators

G Series Accumulators

E Series Accumulators

Low Pressure Accumulator Series

For the usages with max. working pressure ≦ 0.95MPa.s

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Piston Type Series Accumulators

"Reciprocal Notrogen Gas Compressor" for Nitrogen Gas Booster

L Series Accumulators (Dynaclean)

Oil Tank Dust Preventers

Accumulator invented for preventing dust coming into oil tank.

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Spring Loaded Type Safety Valves